Coronavirus Guidance (Updated 05/11)

12 October 2020

Our readiness levels determine what is allowable within Scouts. West Wirral’s readiness levels, in line with the UK Scouts framework, are referenced below:

West Wirral Readiness Level:

No Face – To – Face Scouting to occur and without any exception.

Digital Delivery Only

No residential activities
Note: UK Scouts guidance has been updated on 5th November. More information available here.


  • No Face – To – Face Scouting is to occur and without any exception.
  • Digital delivery of Scouting can continue using the guidance provided by The Scout Association, you can see this guidance here
  • You can find a great resource of activities for digital delivery here

The situation is continually being assessed by The Scout Association and the National Youth Agency, and upon any change we will receive further guidance from both organisations upon any changes.