West Wirral is the home of 17 groups and over 1500 members which includes our adult volunteers who are inspiring the doers and give it a goers of the future. Below are the list groups that are currently operating in West Wirral, alongside the Group Scout Leader or the next suitable contact for each group.

Click on the group contact’s name to start your email, or if you are unsure which group you can join, submit a contact form on our join page and one of our volunteers will be in touch.

Group nameSectionsGroup Contact
1st BarnstonBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsBill Mankin
1st Frankby GreasbyBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsAndree Hibbert
2nd GreasbyBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsIan Anderson
3rd HeswallBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsDavid O’Hagan
4th Heswall (Sea Scouts)Beavers, Cubs & ScoutsMo Barker
5th HeswallBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsStephen Pillow
HilbreBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsChris Carlson
4th MoretonBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsDave Pettit
7th MoretonBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsDave Lee
Overchurch UptonBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsJohn Myatt
St Andrews (Meols)Beavers, Cubs & ScoutsAnn Coulson
1st ThurstastonBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsSue Flush
1st West KirbyBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsChris Jones
2nd West Kirby Sea ScoutsBeavers, Cubs & ScoutsJanet Taylor
West Wirral ExplorersExplorersMel James
West Wirral NetworkNetworkJess Fogg