Launched in 2021, Squirrels is our new provision for four to six year olds, to help young people gain skills for life at a time when it matters most and where it’s most needed.

During their one hour sessions, Squirrels have the opportunity to take their first steps into being part of Scouts, and prepare them go start the adventure of school. The sessions are packed with outdoors activities, fun, games, badges, laughter and so much more to help our youngest members learn the skills they need for life.

We have four Squirrel dreys in our district, and we are always looking for more volunteers to help us open more, so we can reach more four to six year olds in West Wirral.

If you have a young person who would like to join Squirrels, or you would like to volunteer some time each week to help run of our sections, please use the Join page to contact us and one of our volunteers will be in touch.